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Application Cloud

Access applications and data from anywhere

Application Cloud is our most affordable solution, and takes any locally installed applications and makes them available in the cloud. This lets users securely access the application from anywhere, increasing mobility and reducing the need for on-site equipment and dedicated IT staff.

Don’t replace your existing applications when you don’t have to - talk to us today about Application Cloud solutions.

Let's Talk About Cloud Applications

How Does Application Cloud Work?

We make moving your applications to the cloud simple. We take the existing applications of your choice and with your existing licenses and move them to a new secured cloud server.

After the migration, your apps will work exactly the same as they did before, but now be in a more secure environment and accessible from anywhere.

To learn more, watch our demos below:

person working on a tablet

Windows Demo Video

Mac Demo Video

Benefits of Application Cloud

No Hassle Setup

Our team will take care of the entire migration process with minimal downtime.

Affordable with No Fixed Commitment

Free setup. No contracts, no hidden fees, no credit card required. Lower upfront costs and pay- per-user pricing.

Compatibility and Mobility Complete

Windows, Apple, and Android compatibility. Anytime, anywhere multi-user access to your applications.


99% Uptime. 30 Day rolling backups and redundant backup systems ensure your data can always be restored.


Encrypted connection. Secured multi-layered firewalls. World-class data security.

Affordable Access to Your Applications in the Cloud $50 per user, per month.

Plan include up to 3 customer owned applications and 75GB of data

Popular Applications to Move to the Cloud

Customers from a wide range of industries have trusted Vyon Technology to move their applications to the cloud, including accounting and finance, manufacturing, software development, retail, and more.

Dell Sagoma Sonic Webroot Microsoft Partner Phoenix Nap
person working on a tablet

Application Cloud for Developers

Do you have a custom application you want to make accessible in the cloud? Our Cloud Application solution is perfect for taking your local and legacy applications and making them available to users from anywhere. Save time and money by not re-writing your application into a web interface.

Get a FREE 15 Day Trial

Try our Application Cloud solution with no cost or commitment and discover how this service can help your business.

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Hosted Applications: Customer must demonstrate ownership of all applications hosted if not purchased from Vyon Technology.
Please note: Some applications may require developer or third-party assistance with migration at the customer’s expense.
Scanners/Printers: Scanning and printing to and from the cloud server is achieved through TS Scan/TS Print applications. Some specialized scanners and printers may not be compatible.
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