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Complete IT Security Solutions for Your Business

Safeguarding data is critical for businesses of all sizes. Help better protect your business and customers from a wide range of threats with our IT security solutions.

Our IT Security Services

We are here to help provide you with wide-ranging security solutions for your networks and systems, including:

Firewall Implementation

Endpoint protection and constant filtering of traffic for your entire network.

Policy Creation

We work with you to establish and implement best policies and procedures based on security best practices.


Reduce the risk of a breach with end-to-end encryption of your data.

2FA and Password Policies

We can implement multi-factor authentication and stronger password requirements to make your accounts more secure.


We can educate your staff on best cybersecurity practices so they can identify potential threats and act as your first line of defense.

Security Audits

Get a complete picture of the security of your network and systems, including weaknesses, active directory issues, endpoint security, active user accounts and more.

Assistance with HIPAA, PCI and GDPR Compliance

Ensure that your systems are compliant with the latest data-handling and security requirements for your industry.

VPN Integration

With remote work more important than ever, get help integrating a secure virtual private network for your employees no matter where they are.

Why Vyon Technology for IT Security?

Predictable Costs

Get your IT security solution at a low, consistent monthly cost with no hidden fees or fixed-term contracts.

30+ Years of Experience

Our team has more than three decades of combined experience implementing IT security solutions for our clients.

Holistic Approach to Security

Our team doesn’t just want to make one part of your network secure - we want to make sure that you’re protected from cybersecurity threats from as many angles as possible.

Custom Security Solutions

We will develop a custom cybersecurity solution to meet the needs of your business, and have worked with clients in areas including medicine, manufacturing, legal, and more.
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Request a FREE Network Assessment

Learn more about the insight and services that Vyon Technology can provide with a free network assessment for your business. To request your network assessment, including a detailed report about the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems, contact us today!

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