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Enterprise Cloud

Keep your data secure and available when you need it with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). With our Enterprise Cloud solutions, you get a dedicated VPS that’s optimized for power, speed, and stability. We take care of backups, security updates, and monitoring to give you peace of mind while letting you focus on your business.

Managed and Customized Virtual Private Server for Your Business

Let us tailor a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to your needs and optimize it for power, speed, and stability. Vyon Technology will take care of backups, updates, security monitoring and more to make sure your VPS is always available when you need it, letting you focus on your business.

person working on a tablet
person working on a tablet

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A VPS is a partitioned section from a physical server that’s dedicated to your business only. This lets you have the advantages of your own server, including speed and reliability, without sharing resources or needing to have on-site servers or to have your own staff maintain it.

Benefits of Enterprise Cloud

For one low monthly fee per-user, your solution includes:

No Hassle Setup

We take care of customizing your VPS based on your needs, saving you time and effort.


Virtual Private Servers cost less per month than a dedicated physical server with the same configuration, saving you money while also removing the hassle of maintaining your own physical servers.

No On-Site Servers

A VPS requires no on-site equipment, and our team will take care of all required updates, backups, management, security monitoring and more, saving your team time.


Your VPS partition is for your business only, giving you a high-performance solution that stays fast, reliable, and more secure, with no shared resources.


Easily scale your VPS up or down as your business needs change, giving you flexibility and saving you money.

Automatic Backups

30 Day Automatic Rolling Onsite Backups make sure that your data stays accessible.

Secure Virtual Private Server Solution

Security for your VPS is a top priority, and your solution will have multiple levels of security to help keep your system safe from intrusion and other threats.

Firewall Protection

State-of-the-art firewalls help prevent system intrusion and allow you to control user access based on geo-location.

Connection Gateway Protection

Encrypted connection with support for FIPS 140-2, multi-factor authentication (optional add-on) utilizing Duo security, and client configurable policies.

Server Level Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials and Cisco Umbrella Cloud Services help protect you from ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks.

Monitoring and Reporting

Identify suspicious activity in your environment with detailed reports that provide insight on application usage, connected devices, and user group activities.

Our Enterprise Cloud Customers


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Pay Only for What You Need

Pay one low monthly fee per-user with no contracts.

Our VPS solutions start at $50 per month.

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Our Enterprise Cloud Customers

Pay one low monthly fee per-user with no contracts.

Our VPS solutions start at $50 per month.

Get a FREE 15 Day Trial

Try our Enterprise Cloud solution with no cost or commitment and discover how a VPS can help your business.

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Hosted Applications: Customer must demonstrate ownership of all applications hosted if not purchased from Vyon Technology. Some applications may require developer or third-party assistance with migration at the customer’s expense.
Scanners/Printers: Scanning and printing to and from the cloud server is achieved through TS Scan/TS Print applications. Please keep in mind that some specialized scanners and printers may not be compatible.
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