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VyonCloud Solutions for QuickBooks

Advantages outweigh Fear Factor

Working in today’s fast-paced world, many business professionals have come to realize that using the Cloud for both personal and professional use is a must. With the benefits outweighing any disadvantages in just about every instance, it seems natural to make the migration to VyonCloud services.

Why then are so many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) not making the move to Cloud services? I decided to ask my CPA, Michele, about her thoughts on the subject.
The first word out of her mouth…fear. Her business, a mid-sized financial advisory firm offering bookkeeping, tax return preparation, and accounting services, was built using on the utilization of accounting applications like QuickBooks. The idea of putting secure client information “in the Cloud” is worrisome for many accountants who see themselves as a trusted resource for their clients. Michele stated that “many in the accounting community are comfortable with the desktop version of QuickBooks. They understand it, feel in control, and are hesitant to change.”

The truth is: When you move to Cloud services, you really don’t have to change a thing with regard to QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks in the Cloud Solutions vs Online QuickBooks

Most have heard about Cloud services but numerous small to mid-sized accounting firms fear the Cloud due to a lack of understanding. Several in the industry feel there is a high degree of risk and a lack of security. Others confuse the Cloud with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks in the Cloud is not QuickBooks Online. “In the Cloud” means that your programs and files are being hosted by a Cloud computing provider, storing your data safely and securely at a state-of-the-art data center. Learn more about the advantages of cloud computing from one of VyonCloud’s actual customers.

Small businesses who have migrated experience instant benefits including superior reliability, enhanced security, savings through scalability, and monthly per-user pricing.

Hosting QuickBooks and other applications in the Cloud offer additional advantages to SMBs who choose VyonCloud including:

VyonCloud’s promise – With a few pieces of information from you, the whole integration and migration is handled by our expert technicians to create a seamless transition to Cloud convenience and accessibility.


Higher levels of physical and network security at the hosting site including 24x7x365 onsite security personnel and a network operation center, biometric security scanners, daily backups and other advanced security measures designed to protect your business’ sensitive financial information. SMBs who struggled with trusting Cloud technology admit that the security they receive from the Cloud is better than what they previously had.


Server, storage and network reliability is a huge asset. Accessing power redundancy and setting up a backup and recovery plan increases reliable uptime and peace of mind for organizations.


Server, storage and network reliability is a huge asset. Accessing power redundancy and setting up a backup and recovery plan increases reliable uptime and peace of mind for organizations.


Accountants, business owners and employees can work in the same files at the same time from a variety of locations and devices. No more sending QuickBooks files back and forth. Edit in real-time. Efficiency and productivity help give your business a competitive edge.

VyonCloud’s Application, Business & Complete Cloud Solutions allow businesses to deliver the full power of desktop and server-based software to their employees in a monthly, per-user package. If you are considering cloud services and want to host one or more applications such as QuickBooks, Microsoft 365, or Sage, then Application Cloud is for you. Looking to move all IT functions to Vyon Cloud? Choose our Business Cloud solution. If you are in need of a virtual server, Vyon’s Complete Cloud is your best option.






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