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Making a case for the Cloud – Why legal professionals are choosing to migrate

Historically, legal professionals have not been receptive to innovation in their business practices. The more time it took to complete a project, the more hours billed. But, with clients demanding more for less, many are looking at cloud services to help them be more productive with their time.

5 Cloud Benefits for Legal Professionals:

Better Time Management – Accessing business applications on a virtual desktop allows lawyers, attorneys and law firms to better manage their time and enjoy more flexibility. Reviewing documents on the road or retrieving information while in court or during a consultation on a mobile device, helps legal professionals prepare with increased productivity and profit.

Securing Mobile Devices – Maintaining control, while using a mobile device, is essential for a law firm’s security in the Cloud. Reputable providers, like VyonCloud, offer improved protection and deliver a solution for law firms looking to thwart theft of private client information. In an unforeseen situation, where a laptop, tablet or smartphone is stolen, legal professionals simply give their cloud provider a call, offer the relevant serial numbers and user/employee information and a technician will change the password. All accessible information is immediately restricted and protected.

Saving money, gaining service – Finding better ways to save money and improve IT service is essential to any firm. Many professionals are realizing that an in-house server may not be the most secure environment for their sensitive client and case information. VyonCloud offers operational stability, a more secure infrastructure, and 24/7 technical support with both physical and technical security for a low, subscription-based price.

Disaster Recovery – Natural disasters, storms or power outages can bring a business to a halt.  Traditionally, vital information might not be accessible for weeks or months. Having a cloud-based solution allows attorneys to work from home or from a branch office in an area not effected enabling mediation, court cases and arraignments to proceed without the need to ask for a continuance.

Compliance & Protection – VyonCloud provides legal professionals peace of mind knowing their vital information is protected and follows strict compliance guidelines. In addition, an agreement should be in place to protect the firm’s right to retrieve data should the cloud provider go out of business. Having safeguards in place and guaranteeing continuity should be included.

As a leading IT cloud solutions manager, VyonCloud offers a solution for legal professionals looking to securely store, search, manage and view documents related to their cases, from any device and location with an internet connection. Additional benefits of flexibility, predictability of IT costs, seamless integration of popular desktop software such as QuickBooks, Office 365 and LawPay and support from professional, experienced technicians protecting their data.

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