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Small Business Cloud: Why Your Business Needs IT

Your small business needs people on the inside who work together and provide a nurturing environment to build up and support what you’re trying to create. Moreover, it also needs the right equipment to do just that. In order to stay competitive in this fast paced world, do your due diligence and adopt a small business cloud with application hosting and virtual desktop capabilities. At VyonCloud we offer a small business cloud solution where IT is reliable, offers mobile access and is applicable for every operating system.

Your Team Works Hard – Your Technology Should Work Just as Hard

Nothing is more frustrating for your staff or your customers than when systems go down. What if it’s only for an hour? How many emails were you unable to receive in that hour? How many proposals or invoices were delayed? Small businesses that work to find a perfect balance between good customer service and efficient work output can’t thrive by ignoring the ‘what if’s’. That is where a small business cloud comes in. The beauty and brilliance of working in a cloud system is that all the storage happens elsewhere, while keeping your peace of mind close at hand. All you need to access your documents and applications with a small business cloud is a Wi-Fi connection and the username and password provided. It is really that simple.

On the Go or Home Office with Small Business Cloud

Whether it’s Intuit QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, or the ever necessary Microsoft Office 365, if you’re in business you’re using an application – sometimes day and night. The small business cloud allows you to log on to your device, no matter where you are, and begin working. If it’s sending an email, typing up a report, or creating an invoice, the small business cloud provides access to the essential applications that your business needs, without keeping you chained to your desk.

Compliance and Reporting is essential

Whether your business entails financial services, bookkeeping or medical information, it’s important to find a Cloud Service Provider who is compliant with all standards and regulations. Our enterprise-grade hosted desktop security is top notch. It’s what we do. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing we back up your small business cloud data offsite so the potential for viruses and hacks are significantly reduced versus on an in-house server in the office. This cost effective solution for your small business is immediately felt. The more money and time you pour into dated technology trying to defend your data, the less you have to put into new products or services. With the small business cloud, we circumvent all of those problems with our exceptional solutions, customer service, and support.

Reliable Solutions with the Consumer in Mind

It’s an important decision to entrust your small business to a cloud provider. VyonCloud expects you’ll have questions with high expectations of performance and service. That’s why VyonCloud offers a 15 Day free trial to allow you to have a look around and give the cloud a try. There’s no credit card required, and with the free trial, you’re able to access the small business cloud that you would use if you purchased the service. With an offer like that, it just makes sense to give it a try. At VyonCloud we know and understand small business IT needs. Once you try the 15 Day free trial, you’ll realize why more and more small businesses are converting to the small business cloud at VyonCloud.

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