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D & L Communication Systems


D & L Communication Systems, a nationwide distributor and installer of video products and accessories for the healthcare market, has been providing outstanding products and services for over 30 years.
D & L provides turnkey communication solutions to medical facilities of any size including Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Dialysis Clinics. From new architect design or general contractor renovation to existing healthcare campuses and clinics, D & L finds a solution for all communication products including televisions, nurse call systems, distribution systems, wall mounts and other equipment.

IT Challenge

Prior to VyonCloud, D & L Communication Systems had begun looking at moving QuickBooks and their shared file server to the cloud but had not made a decision on a provider. As with many small to mid-sized businesses, unforeseen situations and costs can occur. For D & L it was a server crash. This prompted them to act quickly as they were losing revenue due to down time. They chose VyonCloud.

Cloud Results

“VyonCloud took a bad situation and cleared it up fast,” said Matt Chitwood, Owner at D & L Communication Systems. “The server crashing could not have come at a worse time but the technicians at VyonCloud seamlessly migrated us to the cloud with very little down time.” According to Chitwood, “there was a slight adjustment to having QuickBooks and other applications on a virtual desktop but the ease of use, added benefit of working from anywhere and establishing a more reliable and secure back up for the company gave us a competitive edge.” D & L employees were now able to get around those periodic network issues by working from other locations. They now have more flexibility and strength of infrastructure.

“With the loss of our server and the rising cost of equipment maintenance and service contracts, we recognized the value of Vyon’s Business Cloud immediately,” stated Chitwood. “VyonCloud helped us out of an emergency situation and continues to provide exceptional service at a competitive price.”


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